About us

DOTBJEWELS is a new brand of handcrafted jewelery created by Nicola Botta in 2023. The starting DOT of each of our jewels is the stone, its choice, the type of cut, the combination of colors and last but not least the transformation of the creative idea into a finished jewel. 

All these steps take place 100% with care and passion in the goldsmith's workshop in Milan. Any small differences between the jewels contain the craftsmanship and beauty of each one. 

Each jewel is handmade with the union of gold or silver and selected natural stones.

The metals used are 9k gold and 925 silver, the stones used vary from semi-precious ones such as amethyst, peridot, topaz, to the more precious ones such as rubies, sapphires and diamonds. 

Nicola's working history began 25 years ago when he took over his father's company, Nicola is the second generation of a family of jewelers. Quality and aesthetic sensibility are its greatest legacies.

Our trademark "716 MI" which we still apply today to all our jewels was born in 1960 from his father Giovanni together with the opening of the goldsmith workshop in the heart of Milan in Piazza Borromeo, in the 90s Nicola created the Botta Gioielli brand and as then he continued his goldsmith activity in the center of Milan in the new laboratory in Via Mazzini 16.

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