Characteristics of Precious Metals

27/04/2024 - We list the precious metals commonly used in jewelry: PLATINUM, GOLD, PALLADIUM, and SILVER.An initial difference among these various precious metals is their specific weight. The weight in grams per cubic centimeter varies from 21.45 for platinum, to 19.30 for gold, to 11.50 for palladium, and to 10.49 for silver. It follows that the same object will have a different weight depending on the metal used. It should be noted that these weights refer to metals in their pure state. As we have seen in the article "The Marks of Precious Metals", pure metals are not used in jewelry but are alloyed ...

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Precious Metal Marks

04/02/2024 - Precious Metal MarksThe identification mark of the manufacturing company and the fineness of the metal contained in a piece of jewelry.Let's start with the manufacturer's recognition mark, a key element in ensuring the authenticity of a piece of jewelry. This mark consists of a rectangle with three numbers and two letters inside. The first number represents the code assigned by the Chamber of Commerce trademarks office to the company producing precious metals, while the second indicates the province where the company is located. This mark, such as mine, 716MI, guarantees that the object com...

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Story of Botta Gioielli

20/01/2024 - Welcome to the fascinating story of our goldsmith company, a project born in the heart of Milan in 1960. Founded by a young and passionate goldsmith named Giovanni, my father, the company originated in Piazza Borromeo, the pulsating heart of the city.From the outset, our business stood out for its dedication to the art of goldsmithing and the creation of unique jewelry. The first steps were taken in a charming workshop with an office that offered a breathtaking view of historic Piazza Borromeo, surrounded by buildings owned by the count Borromeo family.The subsequent decades witnesse...

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